Looking For A Unique Pet Portrait? Silhouettes By Cindi

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Meet Cindi Rose in the August 2011 Issue of Pet Talk Magazine.

Houston Pet Talksilhouettes artists

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Pet Silhouettes
Pet Silhouettes
Pet Silhouettes
Pet Silhouettes

Talented and giving, Cindi is an accomplished artist, very active in charitable causes, a champion of the environment and nature and most that know her well aware of her amazing cooking abilities. Yes, she prepares unbelievable creations every day for her family’s meals.

One of the most notable aspects about Cindi is that she is a distinguished silhouette artist. She has been creating beautiful silhouettes since she was a young girl, all the way from Houston to Hollywood and Disney World. She has produced silhouettes for celebrities such as Elvis, Queen Elizabeth, Barbara Bush, Peter Fonda and others.

Always aware of those in need, Cindi creates Silhouettes For Survivors through the Rose Ribbon Foundation and she also creates pet silhouettes and donates a portion to Citizens For Animal Protection.

Silhouette Artist Cindi Rose creates hand-made Pet Pendants and Cuff-links as featured in Pet Talk Magazine.  They are so lovely and accurate, keeping your favorite furry friend close with incredible details. Rose charges $150 per pendant, which includes a matted shipped silhouette of the pet, as well as the cufflinks or pendant.

The pictured necklace is of “Hampton”, Cindi’s “granddog”.
The pictured necklace is of “Hampton”, Cindi’s “grand-dog”.
Wedding silhouettes necklaces
Wedding silhouettes necklaces

$100 of the donation goes to the pet charity of your choice, or the Rose Ribbon Foundation, should you want it to be a  wedding pendant of you and spouse, or of your children. The pictured necklace is of “Hampton”, Cindi’s “grand-dog”.

For more information, please visit silhouettesbycindi.com.



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